Powerful Application

IPTV app is highly customizable and feature-rich, offering a wide range of capabilities
for both suppliers and end users.

Powerful Features Tailored For Your Needs


Supplier can customize the app's style and add their own extensions.


Uniform look and feel across devices.


Supports a wide range of streaming formats and codecs.


Video-on-demand store app with full content search, grouping of shows, watch history, rating, and reporting.


Live channels app with TV guide, channel categories, images, favorites, search, watch history, and current program reminder.


Easy to install from official stores on most devices.


Collects telemetry from end devices for troubleshooting.


Settings app with main program settings, custom sections, and client account status.

Uniform look and feel across devices

Customize the app to match your brand

Add your own extensions to the app

Make the app your own with our customization options

Video on demand store app with full content search

Powerful player with smooth experience

Wide range of streaming formats and codecs supported

Watch your favorite content in any format

Tvzone - your entertainment and your channels everywhere with you

The application can be installed directly from the official device store.